H is for … Haworth

There is so much to see and do in and around Haworth that we made three separate journeys. It could all be done in one day if you get there early enough, are prepared to stay late, and don't suffer with any health issues. As we're quite late risers, as I can't always manage a long-distance walk, [...]


G is for … Goathland

The day we visited Goathland was a very exciting day for us. We'd planned to go a few days beforehand, but once we knew our new "corporate" t-shirts were on the way, we decided to hang on so that we could "showcase" our latest additions. To celebrate the occasion, there's a question at the end [...]

E is for … Elsecar

Elsecar is pronounced else-uh-kuh, although strangers and train announcers pronounce it else-carr. It's a small village in the metropolitan borough of Barnsley between Hoyland, Jump and Wentworth. And it is steeped in industrial history. The houses there were built by Earl Fitzwilliam for the workers in his coal mines. Historically, the village was a series [...]